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Regular Show

Regular Show Season 4 Episode 1


Ultimate Spider-Man

Parks and Recreation

Unknown Episode Theres another episode which has skating, but I can’t remember it I’ll put it here when I find it

The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 16 skating monkey

Malcolm in the Middle

Season 01 Episode 13 This is it chief, the perfect episode. These are the 4 screenshots that sum up the entire episode. Bonus


I wasn’t watching this, but my friends found it during their binge-watch of it, also apparently pro skaters starred in the show. Season 06 Episode 06 Season 08 Episode 12

How Its Made

Season 01 Episode 13 two minutes in, not bad :) Season 02 Episode 03 Nice look into how Bauer skates are made


Season 04 Episode 07 yo hot wheels, this circle’s about free expression, not fascist moves.

Gravity Falls

Season 02 Episode 04 thats some sick neon aesthetic, reminds me of the USD Aeon Richie’s.


big CHAD rollerblader also this show is great

Big Hero 6

Season 1 Episode 10 Ha, even people in cartoons who have quads suck Season 1 Episode 14 jesus this is poorly animated

Stargate SG-1

Season 02 Episode 17 I’m suprised I saw this, it was on screen for like 3 or 4 frames.

Robots (2005)

and the cool spark ‘powerslide’ pic

King of the Hill

Since this is the first post, I should explain what my own ‘rules’ are. cannot be a main part of the actual show (Air Gear) Either TV or Movies anything with wheels on their feet. If anyone finds a TV or Movie with inline skating in it, please email me, (email is at the top of this site) Season 13 Episode 18 god I wish I had a rollerblading dad