Tiny Tiny RSS Migration

As an effort of lowering my monthly server costs, I want to move my blog and rss reader onto the same server as the gitlab instance. The gitlab server has a postgres server running already, so we need to migrate the existing database over without screwing up the database.

TinyTinyRSS is a php rss newsreader, similar to google reader. I use it specifically because of the fact it’s server based, so the web app and the android app are kept in sync.

Actual Setup

  1. Install the requirements and prepare the new server the installation guide should help, use your old server as a ‘instruction book’ for the new one.

    1. Install PHP
    2. Setup nginx
    3. Setup Postgres
    4. Create new user/table in postgres

      sudo -u postgres psql
      CREATE USER ttrss WITH PASSWORD 'password';
      CREATE DATABASE ttrssdb;
      GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE ttrssdb to ttrss;
  2. On the old server, backup the database with sudo -u postgres pg_dump ttrss > dbdump

  3. copy dbdump over to the new one, and import it into sql

  4. On the new server, use sudo -u postgres psql ttrss < dbdump

  5. set owner of it correctly if not set

  6. Install tt-rss on the new server, with the git command in the installation notes linked above.

I’d put whole commands and such in but I forgot what I did and this is just to remind me what to do.

Install the theme: https://github.com/levito/tt-rss-feedly-theme

Ensure the updater works fine. I used the systemd service for this.